Sunday, April 13, 2008

More (Hopeful) News About Desert Shadows

The activity pool, one of four pools, at Desert Shadows. From

Cheri Alexander, well-known in nudist/naturist circles, posted two entries today about the unfolding Desert Shadows saga.

Here's the first. time-stamped at 10:14 AM EST:

This is from the home page of their website"Desert Shadows Is Closed. We are not accepting reservations. Pleasewatch our web site for up-dates. Any guest who has a deposit holding aroom reservation will be contacted soon."

I was told that moving vans were there this week taking out room furniture,restaurant equipment, office furniture, light fixtures, etc.We do not know when or if they will re-open as they filed bankruptcy. Iwould assume you will learn if they re-open on their website.We are sorry to see them close. Having a place like Desert Shadowsclose can give the wrong impression that nude recreation is not as popularas it once was. This is not true.

Cheri Alexander
PO Box 90836
Columbia, SC 29290

Then this was posted at 12:45 PM the same day:

Because the company called "Desert Shadows", legally known as Linsu, which was controlled by somebody best described as a "con artist", finally lost the property in a contested bankruptsy sale to Desert Sun Resorts, LLC, controlled by a couple that own villas there. They decided to shut down the resort at that time rather than cooperate in a smooth transition to the new owners. Right now, they've publically said that they won't leave until thrown out by the marshall or similar legal process, which is underway.

As soon as that can happen and the necessary permits and insurance canbe obtained (1-2 weeks from now most likely), the resort will reopen possibly with a new name if they can't buy the old one from Linsu's trustee (the court authorized the appointment of a trustee last Thursday).

Cheri Alexander
PO Box 90836
Columbia, SC 29290
http://pages. cheridonna

Ms. Alexander's opinions are her own; we hope for a complete recovery on DS's part, whatever name it may bear.


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