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Caliente: Throw the Book at Them

News of the suspension of Caliente Resort in Florida hit the net this week. AANR has suspended the resort due to their open catering of sexual deviants (swingers).

This is a radical departure from what might be called the naturist/nudist ideal: non-sexual social nudity, accompanied by body-acceptance. Sexualized nudity always rejects body acceptance since attraction is selective (and rejective).

Caliente is not alone. It is always disturbing to see sexualization of nudity, and NW will publish credible reports of the same. Place your report in comments, and if I can confirm it I will publish it.

I call upon the Naturist Society to also make a statement regarding Caliente, and to join with AANR and This letter is now on their website:

An Open Letter to All Nudist Resorts...

A few nudist resorts are going into a direction that has caused many to no longer recommend them. We also will no longer recommend some resorts in response to their sexually explicit ads we have seen.

Why sexualize something that is not sexual? Especially since we are already fighting the false notion that nudity equals sex. Why fuel the flames ourselves? Of course, we believe the human form is neither immoral nor inappropriate and endorse the culture of positive body acceptance. But we protest the “pornification” of the human body. There is a line to not cross and it is simple where it is drawn.

We need to set a good example! People will discover that nudism is good for the whole family and allows everyone, including children, to have a better body image, learn respect and have more self esteem. Present yourself as an exemplary naturist resort by fully abiding by all the standards of naturist behavior. Keep sexuality where it belongs, in private. Don't mix it with nude recreation and cause others who are just discovering it to leave.

Nude beaches and resorts are typically family-friendly places. Children benefit from the experience through improved self-image and confidence. But if we blur the lines between sex and nudity we will not gain society's respect and could lose many of our rights.

The core of our philosophy must be strong.

We believe swingers and others seeking sex is the biggest threat to nudism. If the "nude equals sex" idea is the biggest threat to our lifestyle, should we allow swinger or sexual activities of any kind at family nudist resorts and beaches? Nudists enjoy sexuality as much as anyone but should we give in to those who would sexualize nudism? It might make more money for some but it will destroy us starting at the foundation of our philosophy.

In order for nudism to really grow and gain acceptance in the long run, we need to keep it wholesome at all costs.

Some say adults want to have places for these "adult" activities. But should they be at family nudist resorts at the expense of our lifestyle? When sexual activity of any kind happens at a nude beach or a resort, the public uses that to attack us.

We also need to stay united with our core beliefs. It is necessary that we keep strong in numbers. We all may not agree on every nudist philosophy but we must not let that divide us. Friction among ourselves will hurt us all in gaining respect and credibility with the population at large. As always, we fully support and belong to great organizations like the Naturist Society, the American Association for Nude Recreation, Federation of Canadian Naturists, and the International Naturist Federation.

Our society is obsessed with hiding what they call the "indecent" body. Together we can fight that. It is such a worthy cause.

CFI Staff

Good for CFI!

Until then, regards Caliente, I say,



Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

I disagree. A truly mature philosophy would recognise that 1. Lines _are_ blurred. 2. Humans _are_ sexual (though not all the time).

I see naturists' routine denial of sexuality as a fig leaf to appease conservative elements of society. It won't work, in fact it hasn't.

2:21 AM  
Blogger Don said...

A truly mature philosophy would recognize that there is a hierarchy of values. It is true that we are sexual animals, but it is also true that evolutionary development has allowed us to gain some freedom from sexual drives - and this freedom allows us to pursue the greater values found by the integration of the values in other lines of development - such as the social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

Naturists such as myself enjoy sex as much as anybody (perhaps more so when it is found in trusting and committed relationships), but we see the danger of the trivial debasing the greater values. We wish to enjoy social nudity with others who will value us for more than as objects used to satisfy primitive urges.

9:06 AM  

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