Sunday, July 10, 2005

The All-Over Tan

The all-over tan! "I love my all-over tan" is a naturist slogan. "Happiness is an all-over tan" is another. Well, maybe that's expecting a lot out of a tan! Of course, you can certainly spot the newbies that way. There's even a term for it: "cottontails." Pretty self-explanatory, eh?

The lady to the left has obviously been tanning for a while. The group below has more variety. Some are well tanned, some are cottontails and that one gentleman is as white as a fish.

The human body is designed for exposure to the sun. Sun provides direct
Vitamin D. Too much sun, like too much food, is bad for you. Sunblock needs to be worn. By the way, most skin cancers due to excessive sun exposure appear to be traceable to exposures before the age of 25, so be very careful if you're in that age category


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