Saturday, July 16, 2005

Canadians Bare All

Photo taken in 2004 at Crocus Grove...on left is Bob Migliore, cited in the story.

Sun, July 10, 2005
All kinds dare to bare

WINNIPEG -- Nudism is an activity that makes many people uncomfortable but you can't knock it until you bare it, a longtime nudist says.

"We have people from all walks of life, all occupations and all ages," said Bob Migliore, who co-organized an open house yesterday at Crocus Grove, a nudist camp about 40 km northeast of Winnipeg in the Mars Sandhills.

"If people want to try a lifestyle that's going to give them a new outlook on life, this is it. It's a big stress-reliever."

Nearly a dozen people attended the seven-hour open house, which members used to promote the naked truth about nudism and dispel several common myths.

"We're not what the city calls adult entertainment," said Migliore, 64. "We're a family oriented campground. We don't use the 'colony' term because it gives the connotation that everybody is doing the same thing at the same time."

Crocus Grove has the amenities and activities of a typical campground, including a heated pool, walking trails and bird watching. The only difference is everyone participates in the buff. Strict rules forbid inappropriate conduct and photography.

The camp is clothing-optional but people must be nude in the pool, sauna and hot tub, Migliore said. Crocus Grove, one of at least four nudist camps or beaches in Manitoba, opened in 1969 and has about 130 regular members that range from families with toddlers to naturists in their 80s.

"Children are natural nudists and as soon as they find out they can go nude ... they just love it," said Migliore, who, along with his wife Pat joined Crocus Grove in 1985.

Like many new members, Pat Migliore was shy at first but quickly warmed to the idea of summer activities in her birthday suit.

"I was very nervous and uptight in the beginning but I've never looked back," she said.

The Migliores spend about 100 days a year at the camp taking part in a lifestyle their two children and grandchildren now enjoy.


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