Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's an item I found floating around the net:

The Nudist/Naturist Scale

Everybody’s some kind of nudist or naturist. Here’s a scale to see what kind you are:

1. Only natural when showering, bathing, being examined by your doctor or having sex. Even the latter two may be with some reluctance. (Please turn out the light!)
2. Natural for all the above but with relative comfort.
3. All the above, but also sleeps in the nude from time to time.
4. All the above, plus skinny-dips either with spouse and/or same-sex individuals. (But not at the same time!) May hang out at home nude. (This is called an at home or backyard naturist)
5. All the above, and will either skinny dip or be partially natural (such as going topless) when far, far away from anybody who might possibly know you.
6. All the above, and will attend a nude/clothing optional beach or resort and be bare and natural from time to time.
7. All the above, and wants to go bare as often as possible on vacation.
8. Spends every weekend at a naturist location.
9. Lives in a nudist community. Natural as often as possible. Dislikes clothes.
10. Refuses to wear clothes! Hates them! Won’t wear them again—ever!


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