Friday, August 05, 2005

Prof Sues Nudist Resort

A Google search on the prof shows that this guy is highly accomplished in his our Caliente...he might get Lawrence Tribe to represent him.

Professor sues nudist resort

By Times Staff WriterPublished August 4, 2005

LAND O'LAKES - A Harvard Medical School professor sued Caliente on Tuesday, saying the Pasco County nudist resort reneged on a contract to sell him a condominium unit.

Dr. Kent Lewandrowski, an associate professor of pathology from Lexington, Mass., wants the upscale resort on U.S. 41 to complete the sale of a $149,999 condo he agreed to buy in 2003.

The lawsuit, also filed under the name of Lewandrowski's wife, Elizabeth, demands Caliente pay unspecified damages, costs and attorney fees.
Caliente has maintained the Lewandrowskis were second in line to buy the condo and that the initial buyer has tied up the property in litigation.
Until that's resolved, the resort has used the condo, at 6816 Dali Ave., as a VIP unit. The Lewandrowskis live part of the year at the nudist resort, which has 300 homes behind a wall on 100 acres.



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