Monday, September 05, 2005

Naturism Growing in Denmark

I was initially reluctant to post this because of the notorious immorality of the Danes. But the reasoning presented is classic naturism.

5 September 2005

Membership boom for nudist groups

The chairman of the national nudist organisation calls recent record growth a reaction to too much focus on perfect bodies

Photo: Ernst van Norde/ Scanpix

More and more people are joining nudist clubs in Denmark

More and more people are joining nudists clubs in Denmark. Over the past three years, the number of members in the national nudist club, Danish Naturalists, has risen by 30 percent.

The chairman of the naturalist club, Kim Bindesbøll Andersen, sees the growth as a sign of people becoming weary of the constant focus on people's looks.

'Today, the body is reduced to a sexual billboard,' he said. 'With things like breast operations, work outs, tattoos, and piercings, style is no longer just clothing, but a part of the body. You need to change your body just to be accepted. That's what a lot of naturalists are reacting against. The want to be allowed to be themselves instead of underwear models and to enjoy a break from the toned body together with others who feel the same way.'

Andersen said that there was no standard description of an organisation member: they came in all ages and from all lifestyles.

With the recent growth, the organisation has now passed 800 members. By 2008, they hope to have 2500 members.

'Our growth will increase as we offer more initiatives. Therefore, we will add to the number of cities where naturalists can swim nude and we will organise spa evenings,' he said.

In the north Jutland city of Aalborg, the latest on the list of cities offering nude swimming hours in municipal pools, the number of new members has increased by 40 percent.



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