Tuesday, September 20, 2005

US nudist group turns 75, plans year-long celebration

US nudist group turns 75, plans year-long celebration
Sep 20, 05 | 12:07 pm

HONOLULU (eTurboNews) – In celebration of its 75th anniversary, the Celebrating the American Association for Nude Recreation's(AANR) on Monday said it is planningn “Ilsley”, a year-long celebration traveling coast to coast, from nudist resort to nudist resort.

The Ilsley, according to the group’s publicist, YB&R, is “a crystal clear memorial to Ilsley Silas Boone, founder of the American Sunbathing Association formed in 1931 with some 200 members, and the precursor to AANR, which the association's name changed to in 1995.”

YB&R added that after nearly 75 years, nude recreation continues to grow as more people choose clothes-free vacations. “Today, the American Association for Nude Recreation includes nearly 50,000 members and 267 affiliated clubs, RV campgrounds, bed & breakfasts and resorts in the U.S., Canada and Jamaica.”

Ilsley's travels from Florida to California (and the AANR clubs visited) through August 2006.

Source: http://travelvideo.tv/news/more.php?id=6752_0_1_0_M.


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