Thursday, November 24, 2005

Going Naked in Sproutland

Belgium prepares for second nudist beach

23 November 2005

BRUSSELS — There is a great chance that a second nude beach will be constructed along the Belgian coast next year.

The naturist beach in Bredene has inspired the Liberal VLD in Middelkerk to launch a similar initiative.

VLD Middelkerk Mayor Michel Landuyt said a site has already been reserved where the beach can be constructed.

The site is located between Lombardsijde and Westende-Bad in a reasonably isolated area where the camp ground Cosmos operated in the past.

Flemish Spacial Planning Minister Dirk van Mechelen still needs to give final approval to the plans.

In August, Bredene unveiled plans to expand its nudist beach in 2006 due to rising popularity.

Mayor Willy Vanhooren said he wants to completely refurbish the beach, which was opened four years ago and is increasingly successful.



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