Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Naked V-Ball in Kiwi Land

Reaching for freedom and a win
07 February 2006

It's normal to play volleyball in the nick. At least that's how the New Zealand Naturist Federation were illustrating their Go Natural week.

Members of the Rolleston-based Pineglades Naturist Club invited residents to come and watch their 27th annual volleyball challenge against the Rolleston fire brigade.

And then the cops turned up.

But only for the volleyball. Constable Nigel Craythorne, of the Selwyn police, said the day out was just another community event the force was happy to attend.

"We managed to get numbers for the team ... eventually. The Pineglades team are pretty good but the only reason we came third (and last) in the tri-series was because we haven't been practising."

Pineglades publicity officer Glenne Findon said naturists were keen to show clothed Kiwis they were just normal people who did not feel they had to hide themselves away.

"We're getting out from behind the fence and showing people we're about freedom. Taking your clothes off takes away barriers and sheds stresses.

"It's a family club with people who lead a normal life – but without clothes. It's very free and we do it in a place where we won't offend anyone."

For a while the Pineglades team, in their more aerodynamic uniforms, were in the lead but it came down to an equaliser and the fire brigade won.

Senior firefighter Terry Sowerby said the firefighters didn't mind playing a team of naked men.

"It doesn't worry us."

Findon said this was the first year in memory the firemen's beepers hadn't gone off, calling them to a fire.

"They come out with their fire truck and their uniforms sit beside it."

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3564669a10,00.html


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