Friday, April 28, 2006

Pink Wants To Perform Nude!

I wouldn't know a song by Pink if it bit me. All I know is that she is another Bush-bashing leftist (and this naturist is a conservative Republican). But if Ms. Pink wants to perform nude, AANR and TNS could contact her and the band and set up a tour where she performs au natural at naturist/nudist clubs across the country!


Pink Champions Nudity.

Pop star PINK hates wearing clothes and wishes the music industry would let her perform naked.

The singer, 26, wishes it were acceptable to demand potential dancers remove their clothes before they audition to be in her music videos.

She says, "Why can't everyone just be naked. That's what I love about being the artist, if I had a casting couch for my videos.

"I'd be like, 'Take your stuff off and shake it.'" Meanwhile the pop star Pink is disgusted and angry that teenage girls are so obsessed with Paris Hilton that they think it is cool to have a sex tape.

Pink caused controversy when she slammed female celebrities including Hilton and Jessica Simpson in her song "Stupid Girls". But she says there is nothing wrong with being sexy.

She is disgusted by the popularity of Hilton's raunchy homemade film made with her ex-boyfriend Rick Saloman and is concerned that girls are turning to unsuitable role models.

Says Pink: "I feel scared, really scared. I personally need more examples of how to be better and how to be stronger and how to go a different way.

"I need more examples, so I can't even imagine being in school and looking around. And now it's cool to have a sex tape. Are you kidding me?".


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