Friday, December 15, 2006

UK's Rambler in the Slammer Again (Good!)

TV nudist is sent back to jail for 'unreasonable behaviour'
A MAN who appeared on the BBC television series The Naked Rambler was jailed yesterday for six months.

Stephen Gough, 47, a former Royal Marine from Eastleigh in Hampshire, was found guilty after a trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court of exposing himself in public and committing a breach of the peace by walking naked out of Saughton Prison on 3 November.

Gough had just completed three and a half months of the seven-month sentence imposed in August for a similar offence committed in July.

Refusing to wear clothes, Gough did not give evidence himself at the trial. Sheriff Douglas Allan said as Gough had taken this position he had disabled himself from appearing.

Finding Gough guilty, Sheriff Allan said it was not reasonable to walk around naked where there were men, women and children, and not unreasonable that people might have been alarmed and upset or take reprisals into their own hands.


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