Friday, February 23, 2007

No, Not a Nudist. A Pervert

Why do they even call this pervert a nudist? This is not in the spirit of real naturism!

A NATURIST found guilty of harassing a woman on a nudist beach in Studland has agreed to an indefinite voluntary ban.

Pensioner Ron Hodson, of Boyd Road, Poole, was given a 15-month conditional discharge at Blandford Magistrates Court in July.

He was found to have caused harassment to a woman after asking her inappropriate questions about dogging and suggesting she have sex with her husband on the beach.

However, faced with the prospect of imminent court proceedings Hodson agreed to the ban, which includes all of the trust-owned beach and the dunes the length of Ferry Road.
National Trust services manager at Studland Emma Wright said: "This ban shows how serious we are about not tolerating illegal behaviour at Studland.

"We are working to develop a naturist beach area, which is safe and enjoyable for everyone.
"We will pursue any individual convicted of this sort of offence and would ask the public for their co-operation in reporting to the police any illegal behaviour they witness at Studland to help us in this endeavour."

In July the court heard how Hodson sat down next to the woman uninvited with nothing on but a jacket.

But it rejected the more serious allegation against Hodson - that he went on to perform a lewd sex act just a few feet away from the frightened woman.

He claimed he had been for a swim and needed to remove sand from his body.

Hodson was ordered to pay £150 in costs.

7:00pm Tuesday 20th February 2007


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