Friday, March 23, 2007

UK Naturist Club to Have Children Present Again

Nudist club calls on families for support
Cambs Times
March 23, 2007

UNITED KINGDOM -- A short-lived ban on children going along to a nudist swimming club almost led to its closure. Organisers are now hoping families will once again support the venture.

Numbers plummeted at Club Soleil when children were banned due to concerns over child protection issues.

Norman and June Calvert had already been running the sessions at Whittlesey's Manor Pool for eight years when the ban was imposed.

Mr Calvert said: "There was never anything remotely suspicious about the club and the children were looked after in a proper way. We had loads of nasty and abusive phone calls but nothing had ever happened. "It caused us a lot of trouble and distress but in fact the children were better supervised than at ordinary swimming sessions."

After a three-month battle costing thousands of pounds, the ban was lifted but families failed to return to the club.

With numbers dropping and soaring hire charges, the couple were tempted to call it a day and close the club. Now with more people supporting the Saturday evening swims, they have decided to give it another go but are hoping families will go along.

Mr Calvert said: "If you are a naturist you are very welcome or if you would like to give naturism a chance then this is a good way to do it."


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