Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Life is Like a Box of Naked Chocolates

Homeless man charged after being found nude in Alabama cornfield
Associated Press
July 26, 2005

LITTLEVILLE, Ala. - A 26-year-old vagrant was charged with indecent exposure after police found him standing naked in a cornfield chewing on a cob near a country club. "He said he wanted to see the house where Forrest Gump lived," said Police Chief William Nale. Gump is the fictional character in a novel by Alabama author Winston Groom that became a hit movie. The Littleville police chief declined to release the man's name Tuesday but said his family lives in Michigan and he had been in a California institution earlier this year. After his arrest, the man was taken for a mental evaluation. He was spotted Monday morning near twin Pines Country Club. "He was standing in a cornfield, picking the corn and eating it raw," Nale said. "He didn't have anything on, not even his shoes. He was as naked as the day he was born." Authorities said the man was taken into custody without any trouble. "I asked him where his clothes were and he said he got hot (Sunday night), took them off and laid them on the railroad tracks and then couldn't remember where they were," Nale said. The suspect told authorities that he was a homeless drifter following the railroad tracks to south Alabama, where he thought he would find the Gump home.



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