Saturday, July 23, 2005


Venice bans topless tourists and dangling feet in canalsBruce Johnston -
July 23, 2005

ITALY - Venice has begun a "zero tolerance" campaign to restore public decorum, with dozens of tourists being fined 50 Euros [$60 US] for removing their shirts and other "unseemly behaviour".

Unacceptable behaviour also includes eating picnic-style lunches outdoors, dangling feet in the canals, and wearing minuscule shorts.

The man behind the clampdown is Augusto Salvadori, the tourism councillor, a veteran of the struggle to protect the dignity of the city.

The focus of his crusade is what Venetians now call torsonudismo - literally, "torso-nudism" practised by tourists removing their shirts in the heat.

Of the first tourists to be fined for torsonudismo several days ago, all were in St Mark's Square, while a British couple were fined for dangling their feet in a canal.



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