Monday, August 08, 2005

Psoriasis Cure

Mrs. Musings swears by this...

Next we have a couple of matters arising. Mrs Mary Cole from Essex acted promptly on the naturist cure for psoriasis, mentioned in this column a few weeks ago, by persuading her (reluctant) husband to spend a fortnight sunbathing naked and skinny-dipping on the shores of the Mediterranean. They have just returned and not only is his skin now almost completely clear but apparently he also looks "much sexier".
Both he, and indeed Mrs Cole, are now "complete converts".
There is no obvious reason why those who settle for wearing a skimpy swimsuit should not also benefit, but a reader from Cumbria reports than skin specialists in Israel (where the treatment is very popular) claim that complete nakedness results in a more rapid improvement - which is indeed his own experience.
Second, Dr Barbara Thomas from Surrey suggests a possible explanation for the serendipitous observation of the woman, also mentioned in this column, who noticed a marked improvement in her breathing when she was unable to obtain the organic oranges for her daily freshly squeezed glass of juice.
It is most likely, writes Dr Thomas, that this lady - like herself - has a form of asthma that is induced by salicylates that are present in high concentrations in oranges, grapes, pineapples and, of course, aspirin. She should ask her family doctor to refer her to an allergy specialist to investigate the matter further.



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