Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Woman Speaks Out on Acceptable Nude Beach Behavior

go to a nudist beach and you'll see quite quickly it's not packed with nubile young girls playing volleyball in their birthday suits. there might be some women you find attractive, but there's going to be an equal number (at least, maybe more) who are not to your taste, not to mention all the men - there are far more nudist men than women, especially on beaches.

when i last went to the beach, i wasn't the only woman and i wasn't the only under-30 woman either - but there were far more men, of all ages, and children, and the majority of the women were of the more mature sort. i think most people who could have seen the beach that day would have had no doubts that nudism isn't something to bring on sexy thoughts.

so i think if you go, you'll very quickly realise that, far from being a place to tempt you into hitherto-undocumented levels of perversion, a nude beach is full of the same people you see down the supermarket - the same variety of ages, sizes and shapes. it's not going to be full of teenage models tempting you with seductive poses - it's people sunbathing, reading books, taking a dip in the (very cold!) sea and generally mucking about - just like any other beach, except here the people aren't wearing anything. and once you see that, you'll wonder what you worried about.

i also agree that maybe it's not healthy to try and rid yourself of all "lustful" thoughts towards women. if you do that, repress all sexual urges, you may find that they seek an outlet and you end up expressing them in far more unhealthy ways than you ever would now.

what's important is not what's in your head, but what you do, what your actions are. and contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible for a normal, red-blooded hetero male to behavehimself impeccably at a nude beach. think of it as a sliding scale, from saint to (ugh) "sinner".

Presenting: Amy's Behavioural Index for Men on Nudist Beaches
man looks up from his book and sees pretty girl nude on beach:
1 - man thinks nothing, goes back to his book.
2 - man thinks, "what a pretty girl," goes back to his book.
3 - man thinks, "what a pretty girl, i wouldn't say no to that if it was offered!" and goes back to his book.
4 - man thinks, "what a pretty girl, i wouldn't say no etc" and looks at girl appreciatively for a bit before going back to his book.
5 - man thinks, "pretty girl, i wouldn't say no etc" and stares unashamedly for ages, even when girl notices him staring and obviosly becomes uncomfortable.
6 - man thinks, "pretty girl, i want a bit of that" and moves over to start chatting girl up, because if she's naked already she's bound to be up for it, right?
7 - man thinks, "pretty girl, i desperately need a bit of that! oh yeah, baby, work it!", gets erection at sight of girl and openly displays it to her.
8 - man thinks, "pretty girl etc, work it! etc" and begins openly masturbating himself.

if you think you'd fit into the first category, you've either been a nudist for so long that the naked female form offers no surprises for you, or you should consider the priesthood. or you're gay, in which case you should have replaced the word "girl" with "boy" in the chart anyway.

category two and three are, to my mind, totally acceptable thoughts and behaviour and i would have no problem associating with you at nudist events or stopping for a chat on the beach or something.

category four is also totally acceptable so long as you're not making a habit of it (i.e. moving on to category five). if i saw you looking and you looked away embarassed, i wouldn't think badly of you for it - you're only human!

category five is moving on to less acceptable. if you're aware that your behaviour is not appreciated but carry on anyway, you're not appearing as a nice, harmless guy any more and i may no longer feel comfortable staying in close proximity to you (this is the worst i have actually experienced myself btw). however, you're probably not a pervert, just someone who is yet to recognise women as more than objects for your titilation.

category six is stuff that you may be asked to leave the beach for if you do it on every girl there, and would almost certainly get in trouble with management at a resort. you haven't been invited and yet you assume the girl will welcome and maybe even respond to your attentions. she's probably not there to pick up guys (i never was!) and so won't really want you coming over. and if you don't take the hint and leave, well that's even worse. again, it doesn't necessarily make you a pervert, but you aren't seperating nudity and sex in the context and you probably need to learn even more than the category five guys about how to deal with women in a nudist setting. and generally, too.

category seven and eight are unhealthy sexual displays. seven is a bit less bad than eight because it shows you still have some notion of keeping things private, but it is still unacceptable. both will get you thrown out of a club i am sure, and would probably get you confronted by a gang of rather more appropriately-minded and protective male nudists at a beach. both are also criminal offences. if you think you'd be unable to stop yourself from doing either seven or eight, congratulations, you're a pervert. stay the hell off my beach!

but if you think you'd be able to keep it in the top 3, or at least the top 4, then you're perfectly normal and unlikely to upset anyone at the beach, because no matter your thoughts, you aren't transferring them into actions.

FYI: Mr. Musings comes in at a two.

Source: http://www.freebodyzone.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=3168


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