Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Naturism in Europe: a Major Factor in Tourism

Revealing Naturism in Europe inside this ‘Travel and Tourism Analyst’

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February 8, 2006

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Travel and Tourism Analyst - Naturism in Europe to their offering.

For many people, naturism is essentially the same as nudism with the distinctions between skinny-dipping, nude sunbathing and social nudity blurred. This report offers an invaluable analysis of official definitions and the development of organised naturism around the world, highlighting the important contribution that it can make to tourist economies and looking at how naturists in countries with colder climates commonly travel overseas for a holiday with some element of nudity.

Individual case studies look at how naturism is practised in different countries, naturist tourism, and the prognosis for its future growth.

The countries selected give an insight into naturism within a variety of contexts including:

- Countries where naturism is well-developed and fairly widely accepted (France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK)

- Countries where attitudes to public/social nudity are liberal and the naturist product is quite well defined (Croatia, Spain and the Scandinavian countries)

- Traditional beach holiday destinations where naturism is tolerated rather than embraced (Portugal, Greece and Italy)

- Countries where organised naturism is very much an emerging concept (Bulgaria and Luxembourg) and Countries where naturism is inhibited by culture, religion and the law (Ireland).

This report also looks at trends in the membership figures of official naturist societies and examines issues central to the debate about naturism, highlighting difficulties faced by naturists in terms of the negative perceptions of the naturist community, acquiring information, and booking holidays.

This report is part of the "Travel and Tourism Analyst" (TTA) subscription. Travel & Tourism Analyst provides an examination of the travel industry, sector by sector, focusing on all the latest transport, accommodation and technology issues and highlighting developing outbound travel trends and niche markets. Combining the latest tourism data from the most authoritative sources and unique, independent analysis, it provides a level of market-explanation that can help create focused marketing and shape effective tourism policy at the highest level.

Comprising of 20 objective reports each year, a subscription to TTA enables the end user to react to the most significant industry developments, including:

- The most significant developments in transport trends

- Accommodation trends

- Travel industry technology issues

- Growth travel market sectors

- Shifting outbound travel trends

- Niche travel markets

Contents Include:

- Introduction

- Data Sources

- Defining Naturism

- History of Naturism

- Naturism Today

- The portrayal of naturism

- International Naturist Federation (INF)

- Naturist Guidebooks

- List of Figures

- Outlook

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