Thursday, March 23, 2006

Terry Bradshaw--Nudist?

Football Star Nude in New Film

Actress Kathy Bates and former Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw, appearing together in the new film Failure to Launch, have more in common than one might think. Both have received honors in their respective careers and now they have something else in common--both stars have appeared naked onscreen. Bates nude screen appearance was considered a boon to middle-aged women everywhere when she appeared nude in the hot tub in the 2002 hit About Schmidt, also starring Jack Nicholson.

Failure to Launch marks Bradshaw's first film as an actor and he spends a scene entirely in the nude. Bradshaw said he wanted to do the scene because it would come as a surprise to everyone who knew him solely through his football career. He even told his preacher about the scene, who Bradshaw says did not quite know what to say because Bradshaw is a major contributor to his church.

Failure to Launch opened last weekend and is now in theaters everywhere.


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