Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sydney - A 75-year-old Australian who sunbathed naked on an isolated Queensland beach compounded the offence by having toenails painted in different colours, a court on the Sunshine Coast was told on Monday.

Police Constable Chan McAlister described the appearance of Kenneth Wenzel as "disgusting" - particularly because of his multicoloured nails.

"When you look at him as a member of the public and as a police officer, it's not acceptable," McAlister told the court.

Wenzel, who pleaded not guilty to wilful exposure, said he had gone nude on the unofficial nudist beach for over 25 years and it was the first time anyone had taken offence.

"I hold respect for the clothed people, but there are very few clothed people on Third Bay beach," Wenzel told the court.

Queensland is the only jurisdiction in Australia where nudity is still outlawed. - Sapa-dpa


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