Sunday, September 03, 2006

Celebrity Nudity, Again

Nudity works wonders if you expose an artful sense of humour

Laura Potter
Sunday September 3, 2006
The Observer

We know there was a heatwave this summer, but even now the temperature's cooled, celebs can't seem to keep their clothes on. Shakira is backing the naturist cause: 'If I could, I'd live nude the whole time - nakedness is so sensual.' Eva Longoria's taken to spicing up those household chores by doing the dishes in her undies - 'If it's a really warm day I like to walk around the house naked and tease Tony [her basketball-star boyfriend]. It sometimes drives him a little crazy.' Blimey! Christina Ricci tried a similar tactic to stir up interest. When casting calls ran dry, she swamped director Craig Brewer with sexually explicit shots of herself, and lo and behold she landed a role in Black Snake Moan.
Daniel Radcliffe is also prepared to go naked for his art. To avoid being typecast as a bespectacled wizard, he's shedding everything in his theatrical debut in Equus, while Tom Fletcher took the term 'birthday suit' a little too literally when he and his McFly bandmates celebrated his 21st at G-A-Y. They stripped down to perform 'Don't Stop Me Now'. If only we could.

And the award for most amusing nearly nude has to go to Sacha Baron Cohen, who entertained beachgoers in Cannes with his oh-so-attractive lime-green thong. A spot of nudity can work wonders: not only does it show how fabulously sexy you are, it livens up the hoovering, brightens a birthday and even snares the odd film role. Disrobe and reap the rewards.


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