Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You Can Hardly Bare the Translation, But...

I'm a meat-eater. And I like zoos. I think PETA is an ignorant organization. And I would only join PETA if it stood for People Eating Tasty Animals. But from Thailand, with a garbled English translation, we read:

The famous models held the nudist action in Thailand
26.12.06, 13:30

The famous models have been united for defending the animal rights. There was an action held in Thailand under the slogan Back to the Heaven by Sweden Patrick Ribstair and Filipino Avi Shiva.

They have made a nude appearance at the Bangkok famous studio and acted like the Adam and Eve in the improvised Heaven.

The event was held by PETA - the Animal Rights International Organization, which stands out with the initiative of closing Zoos.


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