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Mrs. Musings and I spent a pleasant weekend at DS this summer. We thought that the new owners were, well, quirky. They now have a no kids/couples only policy which we did not think wise. Looks like they were over their heads in other ways...

Palm Springs Nudist Resort Files Chapter 11

(CBS) PALM SPRINGS The owners of a Palm Springs nudist resort that gained worldwide attention when it opened a naked "Bridge of Thighs" across a major roadway have filed for bankruptcy protection, federal court papers showed Friday.Linsu Corporation, parent of Desert Shadows Resort and Spa, 1533 Chaparral Road, made the Chapter 11 filing in federal bankruptcy court in Riverside.

The next step in the bankruptcy proceedings is scheduled for Monday, when a "statement of financial affairs" must be filed detailing the resort's fiscal challenges, according to the records.

Chapter 11 protection allows a business to restructure without immediate threat of creditor lawsuits. The filing refers only to the hotel portion of the Desert Shadows resort and does not include separate sections of privately owned condominiums.

In 2003, the nudist resort attracted international attention when it opened what became known as the "Bridge of Thighs," a 140-foot-long steel and canvas pedestrian bridge over busy Indian Canyon Drive.The span connects two sides of the resort that includes hotel rooms, the privately owned condominiums, four pools, a gym, putting green, tennis courts, a spa and cafe.

Resort users can cross the bridge without clothes but they are protected from the view of motorists or pedestrians below, thanks to a 66-inch protective canvas.

The Desert Shadows Web site shows news stories about the bridge opening being carried in numerous media outlets, including newspapers in Alaska, Seattle, New York, the ABC television network, the BBC and the British newspaper Guardian.

Late-night TV humorist Jay Leno was quoted on a TV entertainment Web site as joking to his national audience about the nudist bridge, "How'd you like to be the toll taker? Hey, this quarter's warm!"

The bankruptcy petition listed a total of 57 unsecured creditors and said the ones holding the 20 largest claims are owed a total $328,863.

Several government entities were included in the petition, including the IRS, California Secretary of State's Office and California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

Desert Commercial Bank of Palm Desert appeared to hold the biggest claim for $141,118.

The resort's Web site said the facility has a total of 92 rental units, including some of the privately owned condominiums. It said the resort opened 15 years ago as an 11-room "B & B."


Blogger Jackie said...

Our friends and us were just there yesterday. Checked in then told (ordered) to leave at once. People are removing electrical equipment, furniture, fixtures, computers and food service equipment and loading moving vans parked out front. A moving van worker told us they had taken a load of furniture out earlier and there is more to go. The front office area is mostly bare. Our friends got a partial refund to their credit card and headed out the door. The few people (less than 10) that are there seem to be owners.
What the future is here is a mystery. The lone employee is programmed to say nothing but "we are still in business” Well it is NOT business as usual!
UPDATE-The next day Tuesday March 8 there is a sign on the door RESORT CLOSED

9:25 AM  

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