Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They Call Him the Streak...

Streaking is Alive, Well and Legal at Florida's Naturists Parks
Florida Running and Triathlon – Press Release

February 2006

In the mid 70's a craze swept the nation in unprecedented speed, it was called streaking. It wasn't an original idea, but a popular ritual that occurred on many college campuses marking the rites of spring. However, for a fleeting moment it was occurring everywhere and involved a lot more than just college kids. It even generated a pop tune by Ray Stevens called "The Streak". But just as soon as this fun-filled adventure appeared it soon vaporized back to college campuses with many people wondering, still today, of what it would be like to run carefree and naked.

Then in the 1990's, a similar craze began, but on a much quieter note and not on the campuses of American universities. It's called the 5K clothing optional race and it is growing in popularity at naturist and clothing optional parks throughout the United States. In Florida there are currently three clothing optional (nude) races held annually.

Hidden River Resort, a clothing optional park located 30 miles east of Jacksonville in the small rural area of Moniac, Georgia, is holding their second 5K clothing optional trail run. Called the Hidden River 5K Streak, this run is not a road race but uses existing nature trails on the park. It's scheduled for April 29th and is held in conjunction with the annual Nudie Blues Concert weekend. The race is open for anyone. In addition to the 5K run they are hosting a 1 mile guided clothing optional trail walk that lets participants learn about nature naturally.

Just 12 miles north of Tampa in Lutz, Florida, Lake Como Nudist Resort will be hosting their 14th Annual 5K Dare To Be Bare race which will be held on Sunday, May 7th. In addition they will have a scheduled 2.5K walk as well. In past years there race have attracted well over 100 participants for their 5K race. Finally, in November, Paradise Lakes Resort, located in Land O Lake, Florida will host their 12th Annual Sneaker Streaker 5K Race. This race is held in conjunction with their Health Fair which is held on the same day and opened to the public.

One may ask why these clubs host these races. Quite simple, it gives them an opportunity to invite folks to their clothing optional or nudist park and participate in outdoor activity that they are use in doing. Each of these races is open to the general public and welcomes runners and walkers to spend the day and visit the facilities. It's a great way for naturist parks to let people see for themselves that there is no mystery behind these parks, just a different and fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

As for the runners, it gives them a different running experience that they can reflect on long after the race. Many runners would agree that after participating in fifty or so 5K races there is usually not anything real special to remember. However, once involved in a nude run, it is definitely something you will not soon forget.

So, if you ever felt cheated in not getting the chance to experience the streaking craze of the 1970's, or just wondered how it felt to run like the early Greeks in the Olympics, then here is your best chance. For more information on any of these races just simply log on to your favorite 2006 Florida race (running) calendar or click on to one of the following park's webpage: www.hidderiverresort.com , www.lakecomoresort.com , www.paradiseclubs.com

Source: http://www.flrunning.com/news/02-13-06-streaking.


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