Friday, March 31, 2006

What Would Ho Chi Mihn Say?

Want to have a nude painting of yourself?


March 30, 2006

VIETNAM -- Some women in cities are being “drawn” to a new phenomenon: having their own nudes painted.

According to a senior painter, there are two simple ways to have your nude painted: first, take off your clothes and model for a painter; second, bring a nude photo to a painter, or even just a portrait, which can then be put on the nude body of someone else.

As the senior painter said, the second way is very cheap and simple. The cost for each would just be a few hundred thousand VND (dozens US$).

He also said that customers prefer the latter option mostly, and prefer to have themselves connected to actors, models, singers, and some stylish women. Very few customers choose the first option, he added.

N.M.Ð, a young painter talented in copying paintings and drawing portraits, has earned a lot of money from the phenomenon. According to N.M.Ð, most of his customers are women who are “fans of art.” “These women love to be nude in paintings, since the boundary between reality and imagination in art is very fine. It is much more suitable to Vietnamese custom than nude photos,” said N.M.Ð. The painter said his customers are very comfortable showing their paintings, or even presenting them to friends.

One of N.M.Ð’s customers, T.N is being drawn. T.N is one of his regular customers. She has ordered some nude paintings to present to friends. N.M.Ð said he had already painted many nude paintings for T.N with different poses.

Another customer, M.H, is a middle-aged woman, a wife of a rich man. She is a “money provider” for the painters. She comes to galleries and painters’ workshops weekly to order paintings.

Thanks to the phenomenon, nude paintings are now selling well in galleries and shops. In fact, a painting shop owner had to refuse a customer wanting a nude drawn directly. The reason: his shop is so small and open - there is no space for the work!



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