Saturday, September 09, 2006

Battle of the Buck Nekkids

One of the least known but one of the more interesting battles during the Civil War happened at Boon's Mill Pond, North Carolina on July 28, 1863, reports AAA's GO Magazine. The magazine says that a battle in North Carolina, was not unusual, but this particular battle was fought in the nude and called the "Battle of the Buck Nekkids." This small battle saved Robert E. Lee's exhausted Army of Northern Virginia on their way back from Gettysburg.

The Battle of the Buck Nekkids began when the Confederates were skinny-dipping in the pond to escape the sweltering July heat. While swimming, the men heard their commander shout and saw Yankee cavalry bearing down on them. They didn't take the time to put their clothes back on before grabbing their weapons to resist enemy attack. After a few hours, the Yankees retreated after determining that the only way through the swampy area to was to head straight into Confederate fire. Today, the mill pond serves as a commemoration of the skirmish with a Civil War Trails sign describing the action of the day.



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