Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And Throw Away the Key

Why this lunatic is considered somekind of hero amongst some naturists is entirely beyond me. Now he's breaking prison rules on behalf of a convicted killer. All naturists should disavow this madman.

Shotgun killer befriends the Naked Rambler in city prison

SHOTGUN killer Jamie Bain and Naked Rambler Stephen Gough have struck up an unlikely friendship in Saughton Prison over games on a PlayStation.

The pair have bonded during hours spent together in the jail's segregation wing.

Ex-marine Gough is said to have allowed the Marmion pub killer to use his personal pin number

to get around a ban on using prison phones. He is also believed to have smuggled cans of juice and food from the jail's canteen to 22-year-old Bain.

Bain was banned from using the phones and canteen after being caught with a knife at Edinburgh's High Court during his recent murder trial.

Gough is being kept in segregation - alongside "high risk" prisoners, such as Bain, and those being punished - because he refuses to wear clothes in jail.

The pair have had long conversations and Bain is said to consider Gough to be "a very intelligent guy".

The 47-year-old, from Eastleigh, in Hampshire, wanders the closed unit without clothes. He says it is part of his bid to raise awareness of nudity issues - he believes nudity is a natural right.

Gough is said to also enjoy naked walks in the grounds of the prison for daily exercise.

Last month he was sentenced to six months at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after being found guilty of a breach of the peace by walking naked out of Saughton Prison on November 3.

He was arrested in the prison car park just after completing three-and-a-half months of a seven month sentence for a similar offence.

Bain was sentenced to serve at least 22 years in prison last week for the murder of former boxing champion Alex McKinnon.

Only a handful of prisoners are kept in segregation at Saughton at any one time, with Bain and Gough currently the only two in that section long-term.

Most of the others are either new "high risk" prisoners awaiting assessment or prisoners being punished for a few days for offences such as fighting. The pair are likely to be separated soon as Bain is expected to be transferred to maximum-security Shotts Prison in Lanarkshire in the coming weeks.

Bain's parents claim that their son, who is kept in segregation as a category A prisoner, has had a £30,000 bounty placed on his head for any convict who kills him.

Bain's mother Kim, 40, said: "The Naked Rambler has been a good friend to Jamie. Most people are only put in segregation for a few days as a punishment, but Jamie and Stephen are there all the time. There's only a handful of prisoners in the 'seg' wing.

"Stephen is kept there because he won't put on clothes. Jamie thinks it's quite funny but they get on well. I've been to visit Jamie and seen Stephen walking around naked in the unit and had to close my eyes. But he's a nice man. Jamie says he's a very intelligent guy and they talk and play on the PlayStation."

Bain is understood to have been hauled in front of the prison governor David Croft after being caught with a knife in court a day before he was convicted of the Marmion pub murder last month. He was found to have the "home-made" weapon during a search by Reliance security staff as he was coming up to the dock from the cells.

Bain later claimed to the Evening News that he had learned the knife, which was concealed inside prison toilets, was intended for use against him and he picked it up for his own protection.
Prison bosses ordered the suspension of his phone and canteen privileges as a punishment.
But the Naked Rambler is believed to have handed over his pin code so Bain could make daily calls to his family and partner Dionne Hendry, 24.

Cash was paid into Gough's prison account to fund the extra calls, but he is said to have offered to share his privileges "out of friendship".

Prisoners in the segregation unit are kept away from the rest of the inmates and have televisions in their cells. A PlayStation is set up in the communal area. Bain is said to be a keen player.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesman told the Evening News: "We cannot comment on individual prisoners."


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