Friday, January 12, 2007

John Henry Recommends "Nude" Year's Resolutions for 2007

Hartford, CT, December 31, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- John Henry, author of the popular Nudist Travel Guide Blog, recommends would-be nudist travelers make a Nude Year's Resolution to try out a nudist resort or campground in 2007.

"A Nude Year's Resolution is much more fun than a New Year's Resolution and easier to do," says John Henry. "Think about a Nude Year's Resolution and you'll have a much better year."

In the Nudist Travel Guide Blog (, John Henry suggests Nude Year's Resolutions involving spending an afternoon at a nudist resort, campground or beach. He also suggests making a short stay at a nudist resort a part of a longer vacation and explains how to find "wholesome and friendly" nudist destinations associated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Another recommended Nude Year's Resolution involves spending a long weekend with a significant other at a nudist resort or clothing optional resort. "This is quality time away from the distractions of everyday life," says Henry.

Henry explains how to avoid bad resolutions, such as putting nudist travel on high interest credit cards. "This creates debt that leads to stress. Nudist travelers should create a plan to start saving now so travel can be paid in full," explains Henry.


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