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The Body Image of the British Woman

This article appeared on a UK website. I have included some on the more interesting comments added by readers.

Too shy to strip in front of a man
By DUNCAN ROBERTSON - Last updated at 10:54am on 28th March 2007
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A third of women are too shy to take their clothes off in front of their partners

A third of women think they are too fat ever to appear naked in front of their partners, according to a survey.

Images of stick-thin models and digitally-slimmed celebrities are convincing a whole generation to keep their clothes on at all times.

Experts believe the compulsion to cover up is putting a serious strain on domestic relationships, with one woman in ten having to turn out the light before she can undress in front of her partner.

Some of the most awkward encounters happen in the bathroom - with nearly a quarter of females never entering with their other half.

Of those who do, around a third said they felt self-conscious about being seen in the nude. According to the survey of 3,500 women for a bathroom equipment company, one in ten is so body-shy she will even lock the bathroom door to avoid her partner bursting in.

Despite all this, almost all women interviewed agreed that it was vital that a couple felt comfortable naked together. Men seem largely immune to the insecurities afflicting their girlfriends and wives, and are happy spending almost double the amount of time being naked in an average day.

They are so fond of being naked that more than two-thirds said they regularly walk around the house with nothing on.

Even though 46 per cent of women confess they like to do the same, a third of these said they would never wander naked where their partner could see them.

It is the same in the gym, where 79 per cent admitted they had hang-ups showering and changing in front of other women.

Jill Parkinson, from, the company which commissioned the research, said: "It's shocking how self-conscious people are about being naked in front of their partners - especially when it comes to the bathroom.

"This shows how seriously people think about their body image - yet being bare-skinned is such a natural thing."


The majority of British women are fat. They're embarrased enough to hide - understandable - but still not motivated to stop eating and get fit. Why not? Is it because apologists and agony aunts in UK newspapers say being 'heavy' is OK or men really want full figured women? 99% of men want a healthy, fit, firm woman without an ounce of fat on her. Similarly 99% of women want men with washboard stomachs. Genarally there is no excuse for being fat because walking and running is free. In HK British women visually stand out from Aussies/N.Zealander s/Europeans because they're fat - great advertisment for the UK!

- Matt, Hong Kong

Hmm, not so helpful...many slapped Matt down.

Everybody should spend some time on a naturist beach. It could change how you feel about yourself and change your outlook on life. I do every chance I get.- Alan, Leeds

Now that seems helpful...


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