Sunday, February 26, 2006

Naturist Documentary Reaches the Mainstream

This was released today:

"Naked in the 21st Century: A Journey Through Naturism" is my debut
film distributed by Pathfinder Home Entertainment.

This docu-drama presents the history of nudism and nudist films
contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining
documentary. Also go behind the scenes on the making of a new naturist
film, "The Naked Place."

Also interviewed is actress Lisa Ko on her first attempt at skinny-
dipping, as well as Honey Lauren who starred in Doris Wishman's last
film, "Satan was a Lady." Wishman is the auteur of many nudist films
including "Blaze Starr Goes Nudist" and "Diary of a Nudist."

"Naked in the 21st Century: A Journey through Naturism" will be
availabe via all DVD retail outlets in March 7, 2006. Check it out
first at

A brief scene about nudism and the Bible appears on this DVD. Why a
deleted scene? Production felt that Christian nudists were too small
a minority to be acknowledged. Is this true?

I would like to invite Christian naturists to speak up. Perhaps a
comment page or a blog spot to my own (
Let's get our voices heard.

For more information, see


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