Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Something to Keep in Mind if You Sleep in the Buff

Nude sleepwalking rises

Sun Online

SLEEPWALKING is on the increase, and it's all down to stress, a survey has found.

Nearly half of sleepwalkers put their odd behaviour down to pressure of work and demanding lifestyles.

About one per cent of sleepwalkers do it every night, while 12 per cent go on a nightly walkabout several times a week.

Just under a third of nocturnal wanderers will simply walk around their bedroom.

But those who sleep naked are likely to go on longer trips, according to the survey commissioned by hotel chain Travelodge - who say sleepwalking in their hotels is on the increase.

About 16 per cent of nude walkers will wander into other bedrooms, 15 per cent will get stuck in the bathroom, and 23 per cent will go into a ground floor room.

Alcohol, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, cheese and caffeine are all considered causes of sleepwalking by those who suffer from it.

Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: "These
figures aren’t a surprise.

"Sleepwalking is a serious disorder that can develop due to a stressful lifestyle, sleep deprivation, alcohol abuse or even snoring.

"Sleepwalking is most likely within an hour or two of going to bed, when first slipping into a deep sleep.

"Part of the brain switches into auto pilot and can manage well-learned movements such as walking, bending or sitting, despite other parts being in a deep sleep.

"Sleepwalkers will awake quite unable to recall any of their actions. This can also be quite distressing."

The survey involved 2,800 UK adults.,,2-2006070484,00.html


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