Sunday, February 26, 2006

Naturist Musical Revue in the Planning in Philadelphia

Must be a banner day for naturism and the arts...

The Living End Theatre Company of Philadelphia is seeking skits, short
plays, and original songs (especially songs) with a nudist/naturist
theme to compile into a full evening of naturist theatre entertainment
for production in Philadelphia - a musical revue about naturism. Sort
of like OH! CALCUTTA!, but without the sex. If you have or if you can
write a piece that you would like to have included, please forward it
(or them) to chuckcan2002us@.... Each writer will get full credit
(I'm not looking to claim your work as my own) and a small royalty
stipend if the piece is used in the show. You may also email further
questions to the same address. Thanks. Chuck DeLong (


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