Friday, March 31, 2006

I really don't get what the problem is...

Couple in the buff should exercise caution

March 10, 2006

Dear Annie: My husband likes to do chores around our large, deserted property in the nude. Last summer, he went for three days and never once put clothes on. I like to see him naked, but I worry we could get into trouble with the law if a police officer drove down our road and saw him out there au naturel.

My husband says we are in the country minding our own business and, therefore, it's OK. I wonder if one needs to stay a certain distance from the road. We have no children, so that's not a concern. The only person who drops by is the milkman, but he always comes at the same time, so we make sure we are clothed.

There are rare occasions where I will join my husband outside in the nude. It feels great and makes life more fun, but I am a little nervous. We aren't doing anything indecent - just having fun. Should we be concerned?

- Need An Answer in Wisconsin

Dear Wisconsin: It's against the law in Wisconsin to be nude in public. Although this is your private property, if you can be seen from the road, it's considered public indecency. Whether or not the risk is worth it is entirely your choice, but you might want to limit the nudity to those sections of your property that are less visible to the local traffic, no matter how sporadic.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even with laws that are against public indecency, they are only inforced if you cause problems. What I mean is that if you are having sex with your husband in the public eye or something of the sort. If you mind your own busienss, then you can do what you want to. If you have neirghbors, talk with them about the nudist lifestyle that you are in. They might even join you with the fun of being naked.

Sky high, seek peace,
Brandon Bowers

10:38 AM  
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Blogger sunshine said...

for years my hubby has did his backyard gardening nude,all the neighbors have seen him, an no one ever complained, people arent has close minded as you think, we frequent the colorado river alot nude, we have asked the rangers bout skinny dipping an sunbathing nude, they say it ok unless someone complains an then only compliance with getting dressed in required. of we use discretion arouond familes.

10:39 AM  
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