Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is Nude Rude? Is that the Wight Question?


By Gavin Foster – County Press

June 16, 2006

ISLE OF WIGHT, ENGLAND -- Nude is proving rude on an Island beach and naked bathers may be asked to cover up or move away.

Windy Corner at Niton Undercliff has long been a haven for naturists but after a complaint from a man who said his family found naked bathers intimidating, beach owners the National Trust may discourage nudity.

Although it has no legal right to insist bathers are fully clothed, the trust may ask naked bathers to move away from its shores.

Gunville man Lee Bishop said he had found the presence of naked bathers during a visit to the beach to the right of Windy Corner car park intimidating to him and his family, including his four-year-old daughter.

National Trust property manager Tony Tutton said he was not aware of any proliferation of nude bathing nor any particular problem involving NT shores.

"We will instruct our wardens to keep an eye out. We have no powers to make them move or put on clothes but we may point out to them that naturism is not to everyone's taste," he said.

Mr Bishop, 30, had no objection to naturism but thought it should be practised in designated areas.

"One person came and sat right behind us while we were playing in the sea," he said.

"It was well away from the traditional areas used by naturists. There was also someone at the bottom of the footpath leading from the car park."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If us naturist are going to help others to accept our lifestyle, then we should work with others. If we can show them that we respect their views, then we can have them to respect ours. That way some of the non-nudist just might become nudist themselves. The first rules of any organization is honor and respect.

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