Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Like Radio You Can See

And now the news ... er, nudes. WTAN radio hosts Sabrina Vizzari and Pete Williams broadcast their show, 'The Fitness Buffs,' in the buff and by the poolside at Paradise Lakes, a nudist resort.


By GEOFF FOX The Tampa Tribune

Published: Jun 7, 2006

Editors might think it would be a great place to send our people."

On a recent Friday, call-in guests included fitness author Shawn Phillips, who is said to have "the world's best abs," and Michael Weiss, director of the Pier 60 5K Beach Series in Clearwater. Pankow was the "in-studio" guest, although the show was broadcast outdoors.

As the program began, resort members passed the earphone-wearing trio, who were set up at a table near the entrance of a bar.

Around them, people played nude water volleyball, while others lazed in lounge chairs.

Beneath a canopy, a body painter plied his trade.

Between segments with Phillips, Vizzari, a self-described professional nudist who has worked at nearby Lake Como Family Nudist Resort and the Caliente Resort, thanked her mother for instilling the virtues of healthy eating.

"There were no chips in the home, no soft drinks," she said. "I'm 33, and I often get mistaken for being 25. I eat all kinds of food, but it's all real food - fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese. I don't skimp on anything, but I don't eat any processed foods."

Before the show, Williams, a chiseled 170 pounds, said he puts his energy where his words are. He said he closely follows the diet and exercise regimens featured in "Core Essentials."

"The Fitness Buff," which first aired in October, also has featured discussions on nudism and skin cancer awareness, among other subjects.

Dave Wagenvoord, who owns WTAN and WZHR with his wife, Lola, said he works out every day and was immediately interested when Williams pitched the show.

"He was almost hesitant to tell us the sponsor was a [nudist resort], but we thought that was fine, and it's working great for everybody," he said.

"Pete's a natural on the radio. The show's very well-done, just excellent."

Williams, whose wife is a nudist, said he wants to expand the show to two hours and possibly more than once a week.

On the air, Vizzari, whose husband also is friends with the Williamses, talked about women overcoming their fear of strength training. Although she lifts weights, Vizzari said she does lots of repetitions with lighter weights.

She is built more like tennis great Chris Evert than Hulk Hogan.

During a break, a woman with a painted torso asked Vizzari if she and Pankow are sisters.

They aren't.

In a room off the bar, a group of men shot pool.

Near the broadcast table, a couple eased into a hot tub while "Sweet Caroline" played in the background.

It was just another day in the sun.

Williams pressed a button, and they were back on the air.


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