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Living Waters Spa Honored with National Travel Award

Living Waters Spa was chosen as a Best Hidden Gem Hotel by TripAdvisor® in its 2006 Travelers’ Choice™ awards. Now in its 5th year, the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards honor the world’s best hotels, earning their distinction from those who know them best – real travelers.

Desert Hot Springs, CA, January 18, 2007 --(PR.COM)-- Living Waters Spa “a European Style Clothing Optional Mini-Resort" in Desert Hot Springs, California, has been honored with prestigious ‘National’ commendations from’s 2006 Traveler’s Choice Awards.

In the category of "Top 10 Hidden Gems in the United States,” Living Waters Spa ranked eighth in the company of hotels in South Carolina, Florida, Utah, California and Hawaii.

This award from is quickly becoming among the most coveted in the hotel industry because they are the only honors chosen by millions of real travelers who gather to share their opinions on the world's largest travel community --

“This is an enormous thrill for us and speaks to the level of quality that we strive to provide for each and every guest,” said Living Waters Spa Owner Jeff Bowman, who lives on-site at the property with wife Judy. “That no other property in the Palm Springs area or Coachella Valley made the list speaks highly or our commitment to customer satisfaction – and this is the second year in a row that we’ve received this honor.” The nine-room spa and six vacation condo property, located in the city of Desert Hot Springs, is a mini-resort with natural hot mineral water that is European-style and clothing optional. The resort lies just north of the Palm Springs area, which includes the major resort cities of Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Palm Desert and La Quinta.

Living Waters offers people a chance to get away, get in touch with life, and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. It includes two natural hot mineral water pools, non-smoking rooms, unique spa treatments and massage, king size beds, custom mattresses, fine linens, free wireless LAN internet connection, couples massage workshops, morning breakfast and afternoon hors d'oeuvres, early check-in and late check-out, complete privacy, great people and a relaxing, romantic and de-stressing environment.

"We are the perfect place for people to try the ol' fashioned skinny dipping in pure natural hot mineral water. You don't have to be a nudist or naturist to try what Europeans have done for years," said Jeff. "Americans need to learn more body acceptance and at Living Waters Spa we help people realize that every one has the 'scars of life'," said Judy who in 1992 (at only 38 years old) was diagnosed with breast cancer.

For information visit or call the resort directly at (760) 329-9988 or (866) 329-9988.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"A Very Good Advert for Naturism"

Nude Tubbers of the World, Unite!

Olympic Hot Tub Company has been asking the question: “ Nude or Not Nude?” since 1982. We ask our customers whether they enjoy their Hot tubbing experience up close and personal or whether modesty prevails.

The 1982 survey results had 94% responding that they went nude.Modesty or discretion swept our soakers through the Reagan years and only 64% voted emphatically nude, 17% voted suits and 19% voted yes for suits and no for bare depending on the situation, lighting and company! Results were similar in our 1999 survey as modesty continued to prevail.

The point is, it always feels great, nude or not nude - whichever you decide!

Now enjoy our owners' verses on the subject !

Thank you, Hot Spring Spa owners
To the hot tub we gowearing God only knows.

If we choose to be bare,we hope that no one is there.

Under the stars we gazed with our cover raised.

A lot of fun we have. Aren't we brave? -- J.L., Eatonville, WA

When we goeses in our hot tub, we don't wear no clotheses.

We like to go naked from our head to our toeses.

We likes the hot water.

We likes the fresh air and no one can see us so there's no one to scare!-- Anonymous Nude, Port Orchard, WA

You ask "Do you or don't you wear a suit?"

Since it won't earn you any loot,

Why do you really give a hoot?Does it really matter,

Or are you just looking for hot tub chatter?

You also ask, "Do you or don't you cover up"

In daylight or dark, at home or in the park,

It makes no difference.

So I'll conclude by saying (and hopefully you'll be paying)

"I'm not a prude, I always hot tub in the nude"

But... rhetoric and doggerel aside, its covering up I deride,

soaking in my Olympic Hot Tub.-- E.L., Mulkiltio, WA

Darkness signals the start of a brand nude day-- Seattle, WA

"It's my hot tub and I'll go nude if I want to..."-- A.G., Seattle, WA

We have been married nearly 37 years. We have had our hot tub for the past 4 months. During that time, I have seen my wife naked more often than in all the previous time. There is a lesson to be learned here. I just wish I could remember what it is. -- Olympia, WA

Sunburns are red,

Seawater is blue.

If your wear a suit,

Our hot tub's not for you!!

We have had a hot tub of one kind or another since 1971 and no suits have passed thru our hot tub!!! (Except the one time in 1971 when a modest man did and the soap suds removed from his suit when the jets were on filled half the backyard!!) -- B.T., Ocean Shores, WA

When we first got our spa, we wore suits by all means. It was the proper thing to do; besides, we were out in the open. Sometimes, when it was dark and we knew the neighbors were not home, we would sneak out to the Spa with nothing on. Those were glorious times. Then, we put up the gazebo, and a fence on one side toward the neighbors. That is when we became a little braver and would venture out in the nude. It felt so wonderful, freeing, and much less expensive. Wonderful because the feeling of the water on the body with jets enveloping the body was a real experience. It was freeing because there were no restrictions, or inhibitions. Best of all, we didn't have to waste money on suits that deteriorated very quickly. We have had our Spa for three years now and wouldn't dream of ever wearing a suit again..-- B., Vashon, WA

Suits in our spa? Yeah, right! We tell our guests that they are free to do whatever they want so long as they don't mind seeing other people naked. Of the 21 differed people who have spa'ed with us, not a one has ever gone the suit route. I guess we just have intelligent friends.-- D.P., Seattle, WA

There once was a Marysville coupe

Who'd soak leisurely in their Olympic Hot Tub nude.

It would be dark in the night

So the neighbors wouldn't have a fright,

and the comforting hot water their tensions would soothe.-- C.B., Marysville, WA

Dip in the hot tub in barren splendor.

It unmistakably reveals your gender,

But there's nothing lewd

About being nude.

(Unless you're in the mood?)-- Anonymous, Friday Harbor, WA

As we got older

We got bolder

AND found that hot tubbing in the nude

Soon really puts us in the mood.-- Anonymous

When slipping into our Sovereign suds,

We go au-natural and shed our duds.

Ahhh... the freedom, the tingling sensation...

Lift's one's spirit to a swirling elation

Whether it be daytime or night.

Nude in the hot tub is a sheer delight

Neighbors or guests... what do we do?

We give them The option to be nude too!

Why be modest? Why be shy?

Nude soaking is natural... give it a try!-- J. and M.C., North Bend, WA

I'm no prude.

I hot tub nude.

It isn't crude.

Or rude.

Or lewd.-- Anonymous, Friday Harbor, WA

When my spouse and I entered the hot tub nude, our teenage children were horrified..."you can't do that with our friends," they said. When we told them that was what we had done in the past, they asked that we not embarrass them. So... when children aren't around, we go nude. When they are around, suits.-- D.C., Bothell, WA

Don't be a prude,

Tub in the nude.

It isn't rude,

Some think it's lewd.

You can't be sued,

you may be viewed...

As one cool dude,

Improve your mood

Get attitude.

Tub in the nude.

--J.F., Puyallup, WA

And Throw Away the Key

Why this lunatic is considered somekind of hero amongst some naturists is entirely beyond me. Now he's breaking prison rules on behalf of a convicted killer. All naturists should disavow this madman.

Shotgun killer befriends the Naked Rambler in city prison

SHOTGUN killer Jamie Bain and Naked Rambler Stephen Gough have struck up an unlikely friendship in Saughton Prison over games on a PlayStation.

The pair have bonded during hours spent together in the jail's segregation wing.

Ex-marine Gough is said to have allowed the Marmion pub killer to use his personal pin number

to get around a ban on using prison phones. He is also believed to have smuggled cans of juice and food from the jail's canteen to 22-year-old Bain.

Bain was banned from using the phones and canteen after being caught with a knife at Edinburgh's High Court during his recent murder trial.

Gough is being kept in segregation - alongside "high risk" prisoners, such as Bain, and those being punished - because he refuses to wear clothes in jail.

The pair have had long conversations and Bain is said to consider Gough to be "a very intelligent guy".

The 47-year-old, from Eastleigh, in Hampshire, wanders the closed unit without clothes. He says it is part of his bid to raise awareness of nudity issues - he believes nudity is a natural right.

Gough is said to also enjoy naked walks in the grounds of the prison for daily exercise.

Last month he was sentenced to six months at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after being found guilty of a breach of the peace by walking naked out of Saughton Prison on November 3.

He was arrested in the prison car park just after completing three-and-a-half months of a seven month sentence for a similar offence.

Bain was sentenced to serve at least 22 years in prison last week for the murder of former boxing champion Alex McKinnon.

Only a handful of prisoners are kept in segregation at Saughton at any one time, with Bain and Gough currently the only two in that section long-term.

Most of the others are either new "high risk" prisoners awaiting assessment or prisoners being punished for a few days for offences such as fighting. The pair are likely to be separated soon as Bain is expected to be transferred to maximum-security Shotts Prison in Lanarkshire in the coming weeks.

Bain's parents claim that their son, who is kept in segregation as a category A prisoner, has had a £30,000 bounty placed on his head for any convict who kills him.

Bain's mother Kim, 40, said: "The Naked Rambler has been a good friend to Jamie. Most people are only put in segregation for a few days as a punishment, but Jamie and Stephen are there all the time. There's only a handful of prisoners in the 'seg' wing.

"Stephen is kept there because he won't put on clothes. Jamie thinks it's quite funny but they get on well. I've been to visit Jamie and seen Stephen walking around naked in the unit and had to close my eyes. But he's a nice man. Jamie says he's a very intelligent guy and they talk and play on the PlayStation."

Bain is understood to have been hauled in front of the prison governor David Croft after being caught with a knife in court a day before he was convicted of the Marmion pub murder last month. He was found to have the "home-made" weapon during a search by Reliance security staff as he was coming up to the dock from the cells.

Bain later claimed to the Evening News that he had learned the knife, which was concealed inside prison toilets, was intended for use against him and he picked it up for his own protection.
Prison bosses ordered the suspension of his phone and canteen privileges as a punishment.
But the Naked Rambler is believed to have handed over his pin code so Bain could make daily calls to his family and partner Dionne Hendry, 24.

Cash was paid into Gough's prison account to fund the extra calls, but he is said to have offered to share his privileges "out of friendship".

Prisoners in the segregation unit are kept away from the rest of the inmates and have televisions in their cells. A PlayStation is set up in the communal area. Bain is said to be a keen player.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesman told the Evening News: "We cannot comment on individual prisoners."

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A Very British Look Inside

Friday, January 12, 2007

The naked truth: Naturism in Iceland

My name is Nanna Árnadóttir
and I’m a sprightly Icelandic lass with a black sense of humor and a list of mild neurosis as long as Woody Allen’s. I live in London where I am finishing my final year of journalism at Kingston University.

I will soon become the editor of my University newspaper and in the past I have been published in the UK’s Independent and F1 Racing Magazine. Today, I’m covering for Krista, but as of next

week I’ll be contributing to Daily Life every Saturday.

The other night I watched Confetti, the rather unsuccessful but lovable mockumentary on three couples competing to have the most creative wedding ceremony. One of the couples wanted to have a naturist wedding. In other words, a nude wedding.

It should, at this point, be noted that I am not trying to be controversial and the spontaneous question “I wonder if there are nudists in Iceland?” was an innocent one. My father laughed when I asked if he had heard of nudists in Iceland “Nudists? In Iceland? They’d have to be


Bonkers or no, there is in fact a naturist community in Iceland. They have coincidentally also just published an English version of their website: Naturists however, are not nudists. Although both terms refer to being naked and both nudists and naturists promote a bare all lifestyle there are subtle differences between the two.

Nudism centers on simply being naked and is a title linked to Americans where as naturism is more of a European expression. Naturists believe that they are getting in touch with nature and removing the social barriers that come with clothing. That is to say you don’t have to worry about how ‘now’ your clothes are, what label you are wearing or if you fit in.

On their web page the Naturists of Iceland say that “there are ideal conditions for naturist activities in Iceland” and that like everywhere else in the world you can practice it at home so long as you raise the temperature a bit.

It is also suggested that you book a swimming pool out of hours so that you can enjoy a wee dip au natural, or rent a summerhouse with a hot tub so that you can enjoy hikes and bright summer nights disrobed and unabashed.

Naturism should be enjoyed, the site outlines, but “you must of course show consideration for other people who may be present. The purpose is not to shock others.”

It made me wonder, how shocked I would be if, while walking along some nature trail a group of threadbare people came walking my way? It all depends on what sort of person you are of course, but I don’t think I would be too alarmed.

You see all sorts of uncommon things in Iceland. Once when I was a child on summer break I saw a sheep that had been sacrificed in an Ásatrú (Norse Paganism) ceremony. It was gruesome for me to see its rotting corpse, though my mamma (Icelandic word for mum) said it was perfectly natural and part of our heritage. Personally I feel I would be more scandalized if a saw a sacrificed sheep again than a group of unclothed hikers. But then, that’s me.

After a few hours research into the world of Icelandic naturism, my pabbi (Icelandic word for dad) looked at me inquisitively and asked half joking and half not “does this life style appeal to you?” The answer: not so much, but that doesn’t mean the naturist terminology doesn’t.

Some quirky ‘naturisms’ include canuding which refers to canoeing in the nude. Clothist, is the nick name for everyone who is not a social nudist. Being naked at home post shower or on a Sunday morning is all well and good but you don’t qualify as a proper naturist until you are unclad publicly or with other people in a social setting.

As an Icelander I can easily say that I am not surprised there are naturists in Iceland. We are like a jumble of different inclinations and principles both naughty and idyllic coexisting on a 103,000 square kilometer rock. As a clothist I would conclude that as long as no one is getting hurt, who cares?

Group seeks exemption for nude recreation

January 12, 2007

HILLSVILLE, VA - One Carroll citizen supported tough measures against adult-oriented businesses through a county ordinance Tuesday, and the American Association for Nude Recreation suggested wording changes to make it less restrictive.

The Carroll supervisors held a public hearing on a proposed adult business and community standards ordinance, the latest iteration of an ordinance that started out to ban public nudity and obscenity.

County Attorney Brad Dalton felt that the original ordinance offered no additional protection against adult businesses locating in Carroll, and recommended an ordinance based on laws he found being used in Roanoke and Giles counties.

Dalton reported at the regular January meeting that he had received feedback on the proposed ordinance from a nude recreation association based in Kissimmee, Fla.

The association faxed to the county attorney a couple suggestions for legal language changes, including a proposed exemption for members of its society.

“No person shall be in violation of this section in or at a club event sanctioned under legal association with the American Association for Nude Recreation,” a representative for the club wrote out by hand and sent to Dalton. [A tad self-serving, dontcha think? – Moderator]

The group faxed examples of their legislative successes in getting nude recreation exempted from laws in West Virginia, Tennessee, California, Dawson County, Ga., and Lake County, Fla. The county attorney suspected that the group probably trolls the Internet and reacts to laws and ordinances that might affect them.

The American Association for Nude Recreation was supposed to send a representative to the meeting, but Dalton didn't see anybody in the audience who fit that description.

“We'd know it if they were here,” Supervisor Jody Early joked.

The county attorney thought the supervisors would give the association' s input “due consideration,” but Dalton recommended the county board adopt the proposed ordinance as presented.

He noted that if the supervisors made any substantive changes, the county would have to hold yet another public hearing on the proposal.

As with Roanoke County's ordinance, Carroll's would put reasonable restrictions on adult-oriented business to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents.

Oftentimes, adult-oriented businesses become magnets for illegal activities such as prostitution that tend to cause harm to businesses and residents around them, the ordinance says.

Dalton said that basing Carroll's law on the existing ordinances makes it more likely that it will stand up to constitutional muster.

The 18-page ordinance requires adult businesses to go through a permit process with the county administrator' s office, which includes a criminal background check on the applicant, a photograph and fingerprints of the applicant, description of the business and more.

The permit request would be denied if the applicant falsely answered a question, had been convicted of a felony in the past five years or a crime of moral turpitude or one involving obscenity laws within the past three years, or failed to comply with any county codes or laws.

Carroll could revoke the permit to operate if prostitution takes place on the business premises or if employees commit criminal offenses such as harboring a runaway child, exposing minors to harmful materials, or sexual assault.

The ordinance spells out about 30 regulations that must be followed by places with adult entertainment, including dancing, modeling or live entertainment with an emphasis on sexual activities or certain anatomical areas.

It mentions particular situations such as:

- “The stage shall be at least 18 inches above the level of the floor and separated by a distance of at least three feet from the nearest area occupied by patrons. No patron shall be permitted within three feet of the stage while the stage is occupied by an entertainer.”

- separate dressing rooms for male and female entertainers.

- entertainers have no physical contact with customers.

- “No patron shall directly pay or give any gratuity to any entertainer.”

The provisions are designed to prohibit contact between entertainer and customer.

Citizen Clyde Easter stood up in support of the law during the public hearing.

“It sounds like to me you've been working on this,” he said. “The things you've been doing sound like the right thing for the citizens of Carroll County.”

Easter said he's spoken to many people about the issue and found that they want to keep adult-oriented businesses out of the county.

If anything, Easter wanted the ordinance to have more clout because, in his view, such businesses are bad for the county, state and nation.

“I would encourage you to vote on a very strong ordinance to discourage this kind of business from coming here,” he said.

Supervisor Jeff Evans made a motion to approve the ordinance on adult business and community standards. Supervisor L.J. Jones seconded.

Early took the opportunity to put in a plug for zoning as the best way to accomplish the goal of keeping businesses like these away from churches and schools.

Evans disagreed, but Chairman David Hutchins steered the supervisors back to the motion on the floor.

All six supervisors voted to approve the ordinance.

A section of Carroll County's new ordinance dealing with public indecency would outlaw things like evening gowns and swimsuits for women, argues a representative of the Naturist Action Committee.

Bob Morton, executive director of the group, said he understands that the Carroll supervisors are trying to protect the community's values, but some of the language infringes on peoples' everyday rights, such as how to dress.

Part of the problem comes from county officials having dropped the word “obscene” from the public indecency portion.

“Obscene has a meaning that's understood by the courts,” Morton said.

Without that qualification, the ordinance could apply to far more than was probably intended, Morton said.

He also referred to some definitions in section 111 of the ordinance pertaining to prohibitions against public indecency.

“Having less than the majority of each buttock completely and opaquely covered” qualifies as nudity, the ordinance states.

The style of swimwear today shows some portion of a woman's buttock, Morton objected. “You certainly wouldn't be able to buy most women's swimsuits today off the rack.”

Morton also finds problematic that the law prohibits the “female breast distal” being covered less than completely.

By his interpretation, women would not be able to legally wear evening gowns that show cleavage.

The Naturist Action Committee does not involve itself with every locality's efforts to regulate adult business and community standards, but this is an exception.

“When they paint it so broadly that it catches us, then we care,” Morton said.

Representatives of the group wanted to sit down with Carroll officials and help them craft an ordinance that would suit their purposes, but didn't get a chance. Now, Morton says, they are looking at other options.

The supervisors could amend the ordinance, given the proper motivation, he said. Every option is open, including taking the matter to court.

“We reserve that right; I'll go even further: We've done it before,” Morton told The Gazette. “That's not a threat, but we're not going to say that we won't.”


Birthday-suit parties all the rage for Ivy League students


STUDENTS at America's prestigious Ivy League universities are rebelling against their colleges' stuffy reputations, casting off society's norms along with their clothes to hold naked parties.

The Pundits, a secretive society at Yale University, initiated the events - which profess to be non-sexual in nature - in the mid-1990s, open to a select few. The society claims that president George Bush's daughter, Barbara, attended a naked party during her second year, in 2002. The White House has always declined to comment.

But the naked parties are now fixtures among liberal students being primed to become the nation's elite.

While one campus source at Yale - to which Euan Blair, the Prime Minister's son, has won a scholarship - says naked parties are "the No1" thing to do before graduation, students who attend the six to eight parties held each year say it can be a life-changing experience, far from the "frat-house" bawdiness portrayed in films such as Animal House. Megan Crandell, a final-year Yale student who has attended six naked parties, said: "The dynamic is completely different from a clothed party. People are so conscious of how they're coming across that conversations end up being more sophisticated. You can't talk about how hot that chick was the other night."

Another Yale student, who did not want his name to become known by campus authorities - which do not try to stop the parties but do not encourage them - said: "Part of it is just the mystique of not knowing where you're going. It's become a hip thing to do."

The events are magnets for social-climbers at other top academic institutions, including Columbia, MIT and Brown. Students invited to a party at Columbia last year received this e-mail: "Compadres, join us in refusing to comply with a culture that tells us to hide our body, to be ashamed of its scents, secretions, curves and hair, to conceal those parts that have been dealt sexual connotations." Some students wear token items, such as hats; others bare all.

Occasionally, parties charge $1 for each item of clothing worn. Some are even held in college libraries, though the early, underground events were often referred to in code as "bar mitzvahs".

Touching, beyond a salutary greeting, is not encouraged.

Of party etiquette, Mollie Farber, a senior student at Yale, said: "You're allowed to give everyone a quick once-over as you say, 'Hey, what's up?', but after that, you've got to maintain pretty good eye contact."

However, Alexandra Robbins, a Yale graduate who detailed secret sorority life in her book Pledged, warned: "It can be a rude awakening. It really comes down to the idea that if I shed my clothes, I will lose my inhibitions. But it doesn't always work that way."

Birk Oxholm, who graduated from Columbia in 2006, was not convinced of the liberating effect of the parties: "To pretend you're feeling great and happy to be overcoming the oppressiveness of clothing overlooks the more authentic feeling, which is, 'I feel kind of weird'."

In 2002, a Yale first-year accused an older student of making unwanted advances after following her home from a naked party.

He pleaded no contest to fourth-degree sexual assault and was then placed on probation.

Swimmers bare all for New Year plunge

Photo of Don Pitcairn, president of Surrey's United Naturist Association, who is organizing the first "Polar Bare Plunge" at Crescent Rock Naturist Beach on New Year's Day.

Lena Sim, CanWest News Service; Vancouver Province
Published: Sunday, December 31, 2006

VANCOUVER -- It's gonna be a happy nude year for Don Pitcairn.

The president of Surrey's United Naturist Association is organizing Surrey's first "Polar Bare Plunge" on New Year's Day he's urging everyone clothed or not to join in. The noon-hour swim will be held at the Crescent Rock Naturist Beach, a secluded bluff shoreline in South Surrey, B.C.
Pitcairn has been a skinny dipper for much of his life, but this is his first polar bear swim a New Year's Day tradition for Canadians from coast to coast, but especially popular on the West Coast. There are at least five chilly Jan. 1 plunges planned around the B.C. Lower Mainland alone.
"I started going to Wreck Beach when I was 19, living in residence at UBC (University of British Columbia)," Pitcairn, now 44, says of Vancouver's nude beach haven. "But I've never been in a polar bear swim."
Pitcairn says locals have told him that Crescent Rock has been used as a nude beach since the `50s and he'd like to see the beach get the same recognition as Wreck Beach.
"I think our societal values regarding nudity should be changed," says Pitcairn. "I find there's a lot of body shame and I think there' something wrong with our values in society."
Other festive plunges include the 87th annual Polar Bear Swim at English Bay in Vancouver. It's one of the oldest and biggest in the world. Sponsored by the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club, it has attracted up to 2,000 people.
And 83-year-old Juanita Valentine of North Vancouver will be among those diving into ice-cold water this year at Deep Cove's New Year's Penguin Plunge. That event raises money for PADS, a group that trains dogs to help disabled people.
In Ontario, the Toronto Polar Bear Club will be holding its second annual New Year's Day dip into Lake Ontario to raise money for Habitat for Humanity

John Henry Recommends "Nude" Year's Resolutions for 2007

Hartford, CT, December 31, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- John Henry, author of the popular Nudist Travel Guide Blog, recommends would-be nudist travelers make a Nude Year's Resolution to try out a nudist resort or campground in 2007.

"A Nude Year's Resolution is much more fun than a New Year's Resolution and easier to do," says John Henry. "Think about a Nude Year's Resolution and you'll have a much better year."

In the Nudist Travel Guide Blog (, John Henry suggests Nude Year's Resolutions involving spending an afternoon at a nudist resort, campground or beach. He also suggests making a short stay at a nudist resort a part of a longer vacation and explains how to find "wholesome and friendly" nudist destinations associated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Another recommended Nude Year's Resolution involves spending a long weekend with a significant other at a nudist resort or clothing optional resort. "This is quality time away from the distractions of everyday life," says Henry.

Henry explains how to avoid bad resolutions, such as putting nudist travel on high interest credit cards. "This creates debt that leads to stress. Nudist travelers should create a plan to start saving now so travel can be paid in full," explains Henry.

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You Can Always Tell